A Simple ABC Guide For Homeowners To Appropriately Care For Their Septic Tank

The septic tank that you have on your property may be buried out of sight, and for the most part, it may even be out of mind. However, if something goes wrong with the septic tank, there will be no way to ignore it, and civilized life inside your house will be next to impossible. From non-flowing drains to un-flushable toilets, septic issues are nothing short of a catastrophe. To make sure you don't run into issue with your septic tank, there is a simple ABC rule set that you should follow as a homeowner. [Read More]

Septic Tank Additives: 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Waste The Money

A lot of people swear by septic tank additives and use them regularly. Marketed as products that improve septic function and prevent backups, these products are generally flushed right down the toilet. While there's no evidence that these products harm septic systems, there's no evidence that they help them either. In fact, septic systems that contain additives need just as much maintenance as those that do not. Because they are considered to be a waste of money, most plumbers do not recommend putting additives into your septic tank. [Read More]