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Keeping People Safe When A Roll Off Container Is On Your Business' Property

If your business has rented a roll off container to collect material during a renovation project, one of your main priorities will be keeping people safe while it is on your grounds. If you still have customers and employees on your property during this work, steps will need to be taken to ensure there is no injury sustained as a result of the container's presence. Here are some precautionary steps you can take to help keep people at a lower risk of injury when the container is in use.

Place The Roll Off Container In An Area Where The Ground Is Stable

The placement of the roll off container on your property will have an impact on its safety. It is important to set aside an area on your grounds where there is a flat surface present to help keep the container from accidentally rolling into vehicles, your building, or people. Most companies will use an area in their parking lot for roll off container. Place cinder blocks or large stones around each wheel of the container. This will help keep the container securely in place, minimizing the chance of a rolling incident. Placing the container on bare ground is not a good idea as the wheels will most likely sink into the soil, making it ruin the appearance of your landscaping in addition to being a tipping hazard due to an uneven resting surface.

Use Temporary Fencing And Signs To Discourage People From The Area

To help keep employees and customers away from your container, consider placing temporary fencing to keep the direct area around the enclosure from being utilized. Add signs to the fencing indicating the area is dangerous or that only those working on the demolition are allowed inside. This will alert those in the area to keep away from the enclosure so they do not become injured.

Avoid Overfilling The Unit To Minimize The Chance Of Injury

If your demolition company overfills your roll off container, it will be difficult for the sanitation service to effectively bring the debris to a landfill or recycling center without leaving pieces on the roadway in the process. Placing too much material in the container could also lead to an unfortunate tipping accident due too much weight inside. It is best to refrain from placing additional debris in the enclosure as soon as it accumulates to the rim of the unit. Instead, call the roll off container service to pick up the filled enclosure and replace it with an empty one.

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