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Three Less-Common Uses For Dumpsters And Why It May Be Useful Information In The Future

Dumpsters serve the purpose of collecting massive amounts of trash and/or recyclables. Typically, these large garbage cubicles are positioned outside commercial and large, multiplex residential properties. However, dumpsters do have more uses than just common sanitation purposes. Here are three less-common uses for purchased (not rented) dumpsters, and why this information may prove useful to you in the future.

Manure or Feces Collector

Dumpsters are ideal for collecting manure from large animals and feces from smaller animals. No one expects dumpsters to be one-hundred percent clean or perfectly sanitized all the time, and a small dumpster can hold a lot of animal excrement. With the ability to schedule collection services, you can regularly clear away your pets' feces or manure and protect your land and animals from fecal parasites caused by the flies that would ordinarily be drawn to the feces left in the open. (In a dumpster, you can place bagged fecal matter and close the lids to reduce the number of flies that visit the excrement piles.) This may be especially useful to you if you ever have several pets or you participate in a clean-up project where there is a lot of animal feces/manure that needs to be cleared away.

Rodeo Protection

If you have ever seen a rodeo clown duck into a barrel after attracting the attention of an angry bull, then you know that those barrels are not much protection. Instead, it is easier to use a dumpster for this task. The heavy metal compartment of a dumpster can handle a bull's horns and hooves and end up with little damage. There is also more room for you to move around inside the bin and move away from the charging bull when it smacks one side of the dumpster. After the show, the dumpster easily rolls away into storage for the next show. If you ever become employed by a traveling rodeo, either as a clown or as a "roadie" (one who works part-time setting up shows and travels on the road following these shows), then this might be an invaluable use/idea.

Housing for the Homeless

Certain ingenious persons have managed to convert dumpsters into micro-housing for the homeless. These micro-houses travel easily and travel well, since the converted dumpsters are already on wheels and you do not need a vehicle to tow them. The doors in these "dumpster houses" can be secured with a lock for added safety. Should you ever find yourself in a position that requires some emergency city planning, or you yourself are about to become homeless, you may want to consider this particular bit of information. It can help secure safer, more comfortable emergency housing for your city's homeless and/or provide you with temporary housing. Contact a business, such as ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services, for more information.