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Having Bathroom Facilities When Renovating

If you are getting an upgrade done to your existing bathroom, and you do not wish to leave your home because of lack of a toilet, you have several options available that will allow you to remain on the premise with a working commode to use. Here are a few ideas to think about when you know your home's bathroom will be unable to be utilized for several days or weeks.

Small Camping Toilets

If you will be without a working toilet for a short duration, your family may consider using a non-flushing camping toilet in the interim. These toilets are constructed with a base to sit upon and a waste collection area which has a bag filled with crystallized powder inside. When the toilet is used, the powder will turn into a gel. This will neutralize odor. When the bag is filled, it can be disposed of in household trash since it is biodegradable. This saves time in transporting the matter in a vehicle to flush into a toilet elsewhere.

Portable Flushing Toilets

If time without a toilet will be extended, a flushing model may be a better choice. These toilets are constructed with a top portion for sitting upon with a lid and freshwater tank with flushing mechanism. The bottom portion is where waste is collected. These toilets can be used for several days before there is a need to remove the waste receptacle to flush the contents into a working toilet. The bottom portion latches to the top securely, minimizing the risk of odor or spilling. Contact a local outlet, such as Road Runner Waste Service Inc, for further assistance. 

Full-Sized Units

Renting a full-sized portable toilet is an option that may be best for larger families or when it is difficult to get to a running toilet to dispose of waste. These are delivered to the home in a sanitized condition and will be swapped with clean units on a regular basis as scheduled with the service. These toilets can be either flushing or non-flushing and can include a sink if desired. For more elaborate needs, a larger trailer with a shower inside can be rented. These are a great alternative to needing to find facilities for bathing.

A full-size unit allows people to use the toilet in a private enclosure rather than needing to take a small unit into a room where they may feel uncomfortable and exposed. Odor is less of a problem as the unit is kept outdoors instead of in the home or in a vehicle.