your aging septic system - is it OK?

Three Things You Can Do To Reduce Septic Stress And Costly Repairs

If you have a home on a septic system, you want to make sure your system is working, so you do not encounter costly repairs. Part of the care of your septic system is regular pumping to prevent problems, but there are also things you can do to reduce the chance of septic system failure, such as recycling grey water and using septic safe products. Here are some tips to help you reduce stress on your septic system and ensure you do not have to have costly repairs done:

1. Recycling Grey Water To Reduce Over Burden

If you use a lot of appliances like washing machines and dish washers, this can be an extra burden on your septic tank. Excessive use of appliances can cause the tank to become full of affluent and allow solids to get into plumbing. To reduce the potential for this problem, you can reuse the grey water in your home for other purposes. It can be used for things like watering your lawn or outdoor maintenance, such as cleaning the gutters or pressure washing. This can be done by using collection tanks, or the appliances can drain directly to your garden for a practical irrigation solution.

2. Using Septic Safe Products To Ensure A Healthy System

You may have heard a lot about using septic safe products. This does not mean just not throwing baby wipes and other hygiene products down the toilet. It is also important to watch the chemicals you use for cleaning. Try to reduce the use of harsh chemicals like bleach, which kill off the bacteria in your septic system that break down bacteria. In addition, try not to use soaps and shampoos that contain alcohol and other chemicals that can kill off the bacteria in your tank. Instead, look for natural cleaning products like vinegar and natural soaps.

3. Regular Inspection And Servicing Of Septic System To Prevent Problems

Regular inspection of your septic system is also important to ensure that everything is working as it should be. You want to have your tank pumped every few years, and when you have this done the system should also be inspected for any problems. Between pumping the tank, watch for signs of septic system problems, such as slow drains and backed up plumbing. You also want to look for signs outside your home, such as a damp area of your lawn when it should be dry.

These are some tips to help you reduce stress to your septic system and ensure your do not have costly repairs. If you need help with maintenance and pumping, contact a septic service to ensure that your system is working as it should be.

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