your aging septic system - is it OK?

3 Measures You Can Take To Keep Your Septic Tank Functioning Properly

Making sure that you take care of your septic tank is extremely important, as it can cause a lot of very expensive and unpleasant situations if it is allowed to overflow. Listed below are just a few of the measures that you can take to keep your tank working properly.

Add Enzymes

An issue that can often occur with a septic tank is that all of the beneficial bacteria in the tank that are responsible for breaking down waste can die or be flushed out. This usually occurs when someone flushes a lot of water down the drain frequently or if chemicals are being flushed down the drains or toilet. When the bacteria are completely dead or gone, then the waste in your septic tank will begin to back up and lead to an overflow.

In order to prevent this situation from occurring, you can buy a range of septic tank enzyme products that you can pour into your toilet or down your drain. These enzymes will contain large numbers of beneficial bacteria that can replace the missing bacteria or supplement existing bacteria. 

Try Septic-Safe Products

Another issue that many people run into when using a septic tank is that the materials that they are flushing down their drains or toilets are not able to be broken down quickly. Since the materials cannot be broken down quickly enough, new materials and waste enter the septic tank before the existing waste breaks down and causes the tank to fill rapidly and potentially overflow. 

One way to avoid this issue is to try and switch as many products as possible to septic-safe variants. These variants are designed to break down in a septic tank in a fraction of the time that it will take traditional products to break down. Some of the most common and popular types of septic-safe products include cleaning wipes, cat litter, and toilet paper.

Have The Tank Pumped

Finally, you will want to make sure that your septic tank gets pumped out regularly. Eventually, every septic tank is going to get full, so making sure that a septic tank pumping service empties it out every few years is absolutely vital to prevent septic tank damage or an overflow.

However, you will want to consult a septic tank cleaning service in order to discuss how often your tank needs to be cleaned as the pumping schedule can be affected by a number of factors. These factors can include the presence of a garbage disposal in the home, household size, and the size of the tank.

For more information, contact Martin Septic Service Inc or a similar company.