Keeping People Safe When A Roll Off Container Is On Your Business' Property

If your business has rented a roll off container to collect material during a renovation project, one of your main priorities will be keeping people safe while it is on your grounds. If you still have customers and employees on your property during this work, steps will need to be taken to ensure there is no injury sustained as a result of the container's presence. Here are some precautionary steps you can take to help keep people at a lower risk of injury when the container is in use. [Read More]

Three Less-Common Uses For Dumpsters And Why It May Be Useful Information In The Future

Dumpsters serve the purpose of collecting massive amounts of trash and/or recyclables. Typically, these large garbage cubicles are positioned outside commercial and large, multiplex residential properties. However, dumpsters do have more uses than just common sanitation purposes. Here are three less-common uses for purchased (not rented) dumpsters, and why this information may prove useful to you in the future. Manure or Feces Collector Dumpsters are ideal for collecting manure from large animals and feces from smaller animals. [Read More]

5 Signs That You Have Hard Water

Hard water is a common problem in many households, when the water in your pipes contains excessive minerals. Hard water can create problems for your plumbing and even for your skin and hair, so it's important to determine if you do in fact have hard water. If you notice a combination of the following five signs of hard water it's time to look into a water softening and filtration system: [Read More]

5 Flood Cleanup Tips

Floods happen quickly and damage homes. After a flood, you need to clean up right away to prevent mold and mildew. If you just moved to an area that gets lots of flooding, here are five tips to help you out in the future. 1. Get rid of the water Before starting cleanup, unplug all electronics in the flooded area. Use towels, a mop, and large bucket to soak up and dispose of the water. [Read More]